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Reunite families separated by the Shoah (Holocaust)

ShoahConnect was created by hobbyist genealogist Logan Joseph Kleinwaks and opened to the public on May 20, 2007.
There are 772 users, who have made a total of 11204 associations, 8696 as relatives for 8659 Pages of Testimony, 1935 as submitters for 1925 Pages, and 573 as town researchers for 573 Pages. About 1 in 179 of all Pages of Testimony are now associated with email addresses through ShoahConnect. A list of surnames from these Pages of Testimony can be found here. As a result of matches made by ShoahConnect, 72 contact messages have been sent through the site. [Plot]
We gratefully thank the following people and organizations for their help: Zvi Bernhardt, Steve Blumenfrucht, Tomer Brunner, Rose Feldman, Arnon Hershkovitz, Paul Horman, Marianna Hoszowska, Anastasia Kovaleva, Rhoda Miller, Elsebeth Paikin, Israel Pickholz, Limor Shenhar-Lecaros, Jean-Pierre Stroweis, Ilan Szekely, and Tom Venetianer; the organizers and supporters of the 26th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, during which the idea for ShoahConnect was born; and, especially, Yad Vashem, for collecting and placing online the precious Pages of Testimony, without which this would not be possible.
Watch Alexander Avraham talking about Yad Vashem's Hall of Names, followed by Logan Kleinwaks talking about ShoahConnect on Roots Television.
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We are in the Galicia Jewish Museum's June 2007 Newsletter.
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Official Statement From Yad Vashem
"This is a private initiative, which seems positive. We are not connected to this, but are happy that our site can be of help."
"The Israel Genealogical Society believes that your new program together with the Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony Database will be a great aid to reuniting families and genealogical research."

"JGS-Denmark are convinced that ShoahConnect will become a significant tool and a great help for all Jewish genealogists, as soon as the word spreads and many researchers use it. We want to express our gratitude to Logan J. Kleinwaks for providing it."
Who Links To Us
Beth Hatefutsoth (The Nahum Goldmann Museum Of The Diaspora) — Holocaust and Genealogy sections
Diapositive (project of Adam Mickiewicz Institute)
Jewish Information and Referral Service — Holocaust-Finding Survivors section


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