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Reunite families separated by the Shoah (Holocaust)

Using ShoahConnect is easy. While viewing a Page of Testimony on Yad Vashem's website, you will simply click a button to associate your email address with that Page.
What button? The button you will click will be a letter C (like this: ShoahConnect button), and will appear in a toolbar in your web browser. The toolbar is provided by Google, and you must install it (once only) to use ShoahConnect. The toolbar facilitates communication between Yad Vashem's website and ShoahConnect. For installation, your web browser must be either Internet Explorer 6+ (Windows) or Firefox 1.5+ (Windows XP/2000 SP3+ or Mac OS X 10.2+ or Linux).
If you are using a private computer (e.g., at home), follow this link to install/upgrade the Google Toolbar (if needed) and add ShoahConnect's button to the Toolbar. [Problem?]
If you are using a public computer (e.g., at a library), check whether the Google Toolbar and ShoahConnect button are already installed. If not, please ask someone responsible for the computer to help you (contact us with questions about public installations).
After installation, go to Yad Vashem's website, view a Page of Testimony, then press the ShoahConnect button button to associate your email address with it. ShoahConnect will then ask for your email address and how you want to be notified of "matches" with other users. If you are the submitter (or immediate family member of the submitter), ShoahConnect will allow relatives to contact you without your email address being revealed, unless you choose to respond. If you are a relative of the victim and want to contact the submitter, ShoahConnect will notify you when the submitter's email address has been added, and allow you to contact the submitter through ShoahConnect. Relatives can also choose to contact and be contacted by other relatives, with similar privacy protection.


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