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Reunite families separated by the Shoah (Holocaust)

You can help reunite families separated by the Shoah by spreading the word about ShoahConnect. The more users there are, the more chances there are for matches and reunions. Please share the announcement below with survivors of the Shoah, their families, people searching for lost relatives, your local Jewish media and organizations, etc.

2 July 2007

A new website has been launched to reunite families separated by the Shoah (Holocaust), www.ShoahConnect.org. ShoahConnect provides a tool to associate email addresses with the more than two million Pages of Testimony on Yad Vashem's website (www.yadvashem.org), automatically matches people associated with the same Pages, and facilitates semi-private contact between them. The site is completely non-commercial.

Anyone who submitted a Page of Testimony to Yad Vashem or is searching for lost relatives can potentially benefit from ShoahConnect. Immediate family members of deceased submitters are also encouraged to use the service. ShoahConnect aims to increase the number of dramatic family reunions that happen when close relatives discover each other through a Page of Testimony memorializing a common relative.

A detailed discussion of ShoahConnect, including an interview with its creator, hobbyist genealogist Logan Joseph Kleinwaks, can be read on a Jewish genealogy blog at http://shorashim.blogli.co.il/archives/235 (English) or http://shorashim.blogli.co.il/archives/236 (Hebrew).

ShoahConnect is available in English, with partial translations into Hebrew, Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

For more information, visit www.ShoahConnect.org or contact logan@ShoahConnect.org.

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