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Reunite families separated by the Shoah (Holocaust)

What do you do with my email address? To use ShoahConnect, you must provide us with your email address. We do not share your email address with third parties, sell your email address, or display it publicly on our website. What we do with your email address depends partly on how you use our website. ShoahConnect matches people associated with the same Page of Testimony, and facilitates semi-private contact between them. What this means is that, when a match is made between two people, A and B, one or both of them have the opportunity to write to the other through our website, without seeing the other's email address. For example, if A is the submitter and B is a relative, B can write to A. Or, if A and B are both relatives who wanted to be in contact with other relatives, A can write to B and B can write to A. When this contact message is sent through our website, the destination email address is not revealed. If you are the receiver, your email address is only revealed to the sender if you choose to respond (via regular email). The sender must be willing to reveal his email address to the receiver. Do you read contact messages I send through ShoahConnect? No. We do not store them, either. We just send the messages to the appropriate matching people. What about spam? We have taken special undisclosed measures to make it difficult for spammers to abuse ShoahConnect. However, this is impossible to prevent. If you believe that someone has used ShoahConnect inappropriately, please tell us. We also do not allow you to contact the same submitter more than once per 30 days about the same Page, through our site (of course, if the submitter responds, you can be in contact normally through email). What other information about me do you collect? We record your IP address for security purposes, and do not share this information. In order to enhance your experience using ShoahConnect, we sometimes also detect your browser, operating system, and referring URL. If you bookmark ShoahConnect using the bookmark button on the bottom of each page, your choice of bookmarking service might also be recorded. How does using the ShoahConnect button affect my privacy? When you click the ShoahConnect ShoahConnect button button, the URL you are currently viewing is sent to ShoahConnect. The only time to click the button is when you are viewing a Page of Testimony on Yad Vashem's website, in which case the URL helps us to identify what Page you are viewing. Do you use the list of Pages of Testimony I associate myself with for any reasons other than making matches with other users? No.


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