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Reunite families separated by the Shoah (Holocaust)

Reconnecting families separated by the Shoah (Holocaust)
using Yad Vashem's collection of Pages of Testimony

Yad Vashem has collected millions of Pages of Testimony documenting individual victims of the Shoah. These Pages of Testimony were often submitted by family members of the victims, and can, therefore, be a basis for the reunion of families separated by the Shoah. There have been dramatic instances of siblings reconnecting in this way. However, despite the Pages generally containing contact information for the submitters, it is often difficult for relatives of the victims to contact the submitters, because of the time elapsed since submission. ShoahConnect aims to help solve this problem, by enabling email addresses to be associated with Pages of Testimony and matching users associated with the same Pages. ShoahConnect is completely free to use and protects your privacy.
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